Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Simple Thoughts

I am a little late of doing my maintenace here. I was busy doing my opps. I'm glad i got a chance to grab 3 of them today, although i failed to snag the other one but i say its okay. It'll probably go back on track afterwards.

Anyway, about my blog ranking that i post
here was already settled. It come out like i have 2 rank of tech now. So yeheyy! Thanks for doing the updates even though its little late for me. Unlikely, i got denied on my prior bids considering my zero overall ranking. At least, i'm halfway relieved.

Speaking of blog rankings, i say, I am pretty much aware of it (technorati, alexa, google). I never thought i could be observant as i am now compared from the very first time i become a member on this blogging activity. (who knows about it anyway?) Now, i have this little feeling like "i have to do this and that" in order for me to get more rankings. I admit that my observations aren't that perfect but i say it helped me in some ways.

I'm always checking my rankings as well as my indexed pages by google every single minute/hour. This will encourage me to write more and inspired me to visit other blogs and xlinks to them simultaneously. I am happy when i saw a little of progress or like my recent post already indexed by google.

Most of all, I would be very happy when my
cc blog got PR1 at least. Looking forward to that! I understand it won't be happen right away but soon it will. I'll just have to wait. For now the best thing for me to do is to work for it to gain good pr.

Well, i guess i'm done with my depth-genuine drama. I better stop now and hit on the bed. Still hallucinate opps though!

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