Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Eating!!! Eating!!! Eating!!!

grabbed photo

GOD i'm craving mussels from chinese restaurant right now. Too bad for me coz we can't get no food from the chinese restaurant for now since it was closed. I am so hungry. I already ate so many different kinds but still it don't satisfy my hunger. I still can feel the emptiness in my tummy. I ate corn, cereals, humberger that hubby brought it from wendy's. Basically, i'm looking for mussels with fried rice..Gosh!! CAn't explain this. I don't think i can sleep with this tonight. All i can do is to wait for tommorow and get me some. But what if i don't like it no more? HAy i am atypical sometimes. Hubby having hard time to understand when sometimes i am acting like this. Poor!! I can't even understand it sometime too.

I need food (mussels with rice) right now!!!

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