Thursday, January 24, 2008

Its Family Thing

I guess this is my last post in probably 2 or 3 days here since we were out going to Lex for a little family recreational thing. We were supposed to get up tommorow at 10 oclock in the morning going to hubby's doctor's appointment then headed to Lex. We were going see kid's Papaw and probably see hubby's relatives since we don't get to see them a quite a while besides they want to see Alyssa too. We are planning to go to Rupp Arena for a ballgame played by UK and South Carolina on the next day then shopping for a girly stuff, probably going to a waterpark since kids do love it and the rest still unnamed. So its pretty busy day for us i think. I doubt if i still be able to make a unpaid post here. I still have remaining 4 task to do and probably do it on our way tommorow, publish it when i can get a good signal. So, its obvious making money still has part of my busy days. Sounds kewl huh?

I do wish we were having a good time. Alyssa will do cooperate us and not being fusy in a middle of nowhere.

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