Monday, June 9, 2008

Do i Have to Delete?

Oh my! I almost forgot this blog! I haven't even had an update here for a very long time. Is it just i was too busy with my other blogs or something? Well, to be honest i don't like to log in here since this blog is separate from my other, meaning its got different account. I hate to type username and password and soo on. Besides, this blog did not really brought me a good news or more blessings though..heheh!! This is not also a member of a stable affiliate programs too like triple P. I feel guilty about this blog. I was thinking to delete it but i don't want to encounter some troubles in the future like unaccesible paid post i had from smorty before. So i will kept this and who knows this can get pr on the next google update. I think, if that time come, this will be more valuable for me..hahha!