Saturday, January 26, 2008


I still remember some of my memorable experiences before when i was single. For once in my life i have encountered peepingTom. BAck then I used to call them power rangers or mambubuso. They are immoral people that has nothing to do in life besides watching unaware ladies in a room through a purposely made holes. I once experience this kind of crap back when i was staying in a little old bording house in the city of Surigao. After that happen i felt embarrased and aware that everyone of kanto boys already saw me naked. Its a lame shame! I never intentionally let everybody saw me undressed.

It was 4 o'clock in the afternoon and I took a shower. Mostly people in the philipines are taking a bath with a dress still its normal specially when you are staying at a boarding house knowing there are so many unknown people staying with you in the same house.

After taking a shower i hurriedly go to my room to changed clothes. It give me a glanced when there's inadmissible light came out from a little hole. I was confused but then i urge to change clothes first before checking it out. I took off my wet clothes unknowing that somebody's eyes was already covered up in the eyed-shape hole. Too late he already saw me undressed. I was uncontrollably screamed, wanted to go out and fight. But who should i confront? I can't tell who's eye is it or if i should ask somebody they probably would make fun of me knowing that i am already a victim of a "snooper". I was wrong of choosing that boarding house though. I know the fact that the street is known to be a gangster and shameless people. For i was trying to save my money for rent i decided to settled in and thats what i got.

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