Sunday, December 30, 2007

Blog! Blog! Blog!

This blog is supposed to be my experiences on blogging on how to make money online and my experiences including the legit sites that i am currently into. But i never thought that this blog would turned out like this. I wasn't planned to put tags on here. But i can't help it. I got so many tags nowadays from friends and i don't want my other blogs filled out with tags. It don't look right. I wasn't make a blogs for tags, right? I know tags are helpful thats why i accepted them heartedly. Also i love my friends who were always tagging me the reason that i can't say no or not doing it. So, to make it simple i put the rest here.

Apparently, this blog now is personal and general type. Don't wonder if my personal dramas in life will be posted here next time. So to speak, i am a little drama queen sometimes.

Furthermore, I am hoping that this blog could brought me to a little bit of extra someday. But before that, i need to work on it in order to get good rankings and PR. Gosh! I don't know if i could be able to handle 5 different blogs everyday. But like i said i will do my best to keep them updated. The evidence is today, i post entries each one of them so I need to congratulate myself for making all those.

Anyway, i better hit on the bed now. Its 1 Am now and my baby is not sleeping yet. She usually does like that when she knows everybody are still awake. Oh my! I remember i have doctor's appointment tomorrow. I hate it! grrrr.....

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